Why New

Why new and why myhughesgroup

Exhibitors tell us over and over how much they love coming to the show when their display is set up and waiting for them, all they need is their brochures and cards.

Show organizers tell us over and over- how easy we are to work with and that our numbers always fit the budget.

We design to enable engagement, conversation, and to stay with your budget.

Attendees love the layout because if the sessions are dragging they can walk into the hall and talk with exhibitors and when their session begins they walk back into their session room.

“There is still a huge value meeting face to face, but the way you do it is different. You can’t just put up an exhibit floor and expect people to come. There has to be more applied value—not just catching up with people [you] may have worked with.” — Sandy Reynolds, CMP, President of Meetings & Events USA (which managed the Yellow Pages meeting)


“I think traditional exhibits themselves are not as significant as they used to be in terms of being a draw, unless it’s a buying show. For the most part, associations don’t have big buying shows. They tend to be more focused on education and ROI. The attendees have to prove there was value to being out of the office. They have to be able to articulate what they learned, apply it to their everyday job, and quantify the results.”


The goal is [that in] five minutes or less from when they get in line, [exhibitors] are sitting at the table enjoying themselves.” — Steve Drew, RSNA’s Assistant Executive Director, Scientific Assembly and Informatics.


Our research and practice show the single most important factor for brand side tradeshow success is to measure goals and objectives. Sounds simple, mundane, and pointless.. except it works.